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Lisa Tamati

Posted on January 09 2019


I have been thinking lately about the myth of work/life balance and how this is really an unattainable nirvana that doesn’t exist. 
That’s not to say we shouldn’t pursue it but that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up when in every single area of our life we find we can’t perform to our utmost potential all the time. 
We are not omnipresent and all powerful although we sometimes like to think we should be.

Life comes in surges and rhythms and sometimes some areas will be more demanding than others but your top priorities should always be actually scheduled into your time management plan.

For me that means scheduling my time for family first and behind that fitness.

Fitness has to be a close second because without that I can’t expect health and longevity and that impacts all the other areas of life and how I perform

My family because they are at the root of my “WHY” the reason I do everything else.

Behind that comes my businesses and work projects but they have to fit around the others because it’s no use if I am super wealthy and successful but I have lost my relationships or my family.

The key is schedule first your top priorities and work the rest in with that, that isn't to say I don't work like a maniac and that most of have to to achieve those lofty goals we have but I still prioritise the key things.

The second part to being successful in all the areas you want to have success in, is to “BE PRESENT” in the moment.

If you are playing with your kids, be in the moment with your kids, stop the nagging guilt that you should be working and vice versa.

Just dedicate that moment in time to the person or job at hand and push all else from your mind.

If you manage to do this you will be a high performer and achieve more than if your energy is dissipated with thoughts of what you should be doing elsewhere, if you are consumed by guilt in every single moment of life because with that moment you can only do one thing at a time.

Multi tasking doesn’t work, full, narrow focus does.

Decide right now to make this one change in your life, to Be PRESENT and you will be more satisfied, happier, less stressed and achieve far more.

These are lessons I am still learning and I share them because this "Being Present" has certainly made a huge impact in my life and it's a work in progress and something I have to constantly work on but it's given me a complete change in perspective.

Think about this example.. let's say you are an All Black at the finals of the world cup and you have two minutes left on the clock and you have to take a penalty shot for your team to win. In that moment do you think you will be distracted by thoughts of how you should be working on your business project right now, or how you are going to handle a family situation. No because in that moment nothing else matters and you need your full presence of mind to achieve the task at hand. 
Now if you can bring that sort of focus to everything you do and be in the moment you will achieve so much more and be consumed far less with guilt. 
And who doesn't need more of that.

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