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Beginner Leg Workout

Lisa Tamati

Posted on December 30 2018

Beginner Leg Workout

Pro Ultra Endurance Athlete Lisa Tamati takes you through a simple set of body weight exercises aimed at toning the legs, glutes.

Add it to the end of your workout, make it more advanced with higher steps and heavier weights or do as is.

Do 3 rounds- 15 to 20 reps each exercise 30 second rest between sets. This group of exercises is great for all sport arts but especially for runners wanting to building leg and hip strength and control.

It's also fantastic for toning those problem areas. Lisa has two coaching programs

1. The ultimate mind and body transformation program "Pushing the Limits" that has customised workouts aimed at either fat loss and toning or gaining lean muscle mass or bulking as well as fully customised meal plans made especially for you. This program is about to be released in the next couple of weeks so get on Lisa's pre launch VIP list to get never repeated foundational member pricing.

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2. Lisa also has a online Run Coaching Company Running Hot Holistic run training systems for everyone from beginners to elite ultra marathoners. Get specific training programs for your goals complete with mobility workouts and strength workouts specific to runners, nutrition and supplementation guidance and mindset support.


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