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    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on September 18 2018

    Roll it! Self myofascial release techniques will help reduce muscle tension, relieve muscle soreness and improve circulation. In this video we get into the glutes and posterior hip area as part of our injury prevention series. Enjoy! Want to know the best hamstring exercises for runners?! Whether you're trying to avoid another hamstring pull or just want to get stronger in your running, these are awesome! TRY our Running Club for FREE on a 7 day FREE TRIAL Complete holistic running programmes for distances from 5km to ultramarathon and for beginners to advanced runners. All include Run training sessions, mobility workouts daily, strength workouts specific for runners, nutrition guidance and mindset help Plus injury prevention series, foundational plans, running drill series and a huge library of videos, articles, podcasts, clean eating recipes and more.

    Activatr Collaborator

    Posted on September 10 2018


    - Have you struggled to fit in training with your busy lifestyle? -

    Maybe you are an absolute beginner and don't know where to start or perhaps you have done a few races but keep having motivation or injury troubles?  

    - Or maybe you have been running for years but the huge mileage you used to do is not bringing the results and you don't know why.  

    - Do you want to beat last years time or finish at the front of the pack?    

    Lisa and Neil discuss the facets of a good training system and how to apply them, what factors will give you longevity in the sport and how to avoid the most common pitfalls and mistakes.   

    Lisa and Neil share their backstory and what led them to co-founding Running Hot Coaching. 

    They give insights into their back story, the mistakes they made, the lessons they learnt and the gems of wisdom discovered on the way.

    With a combined 45 years experience running the worlds toughest endurance events and coaching hundreds of athletes from around the world Lisa and Neil have a wealth of experience and insights to share. 

    If you would like to find out more about our holistic run training system visit our info page at


    Do you have a dream to run a big race, maybe a half marathon, a marathon or even an ultramarathon?  

    We promise to get you to the start line in the best shape ever! We will give you the benefit of our years of knowledge and experience in competing and training athletes, so you can avoid the mistakes, train efficiently, have fun and stay in optimal health while you are doing it.

    So who are we? Lisa Tamati is an a professional ultramarathon runner with over 25 years experiences racing the world's toughest endurance events and leading expeditions. Author of two internationally published running adventure books. She is also a mindset expert. From crossing the Libyan desert on foot to running Death Valley to running the length of NZ for charity, she has been there and done that. For more information on Lisa click here:

    Neil Wagstaff is an exercise scientist, coach and ultramarathon runner with over 22 years experience in the health and fitness industry. He has trained hundreds of athletes and coaches alike to the successful completion of their goals.  For more info or to download our free run training ecourse go to


  • Epigenetic testing programme and the amazing results ultra Athlete Gus Benzie got

    Activatr Collaborator

    Posted on July 12 2018

    Epigenetic testing programme and the amazing results ultra Athlete Gus Benzie got
    Neil Wagstaff, Exercise Scientist from Running Hot coaching interviews our longstanding athlete Gus Benzie about her health, fitness and ultra marathon running journey and the difference understanding her Epigenetic profile has made for her results. The epigenetic express programme is a tool developed by hundreds of scientists over the past 20 years, in fact 15 science disciplines contributed to the making on this programme which dives deep in to the genetics of the client to help them discover just how their unique genes are expressing. Clients fill in a very intensive questionaire and the results help clients define such things as the best foods and lifestyle choices for you to be at your healthiest! What time of the day you should eat or train, exactly what foods will help your body, what type of exercise you are suited to, what time of day your hormones rebuild through your personality traits, strengths and weaknesses. It is literally the future of personalised health and gives us as coaches and as clients personalised knowledge that changes the way we live and the results we see. How does ph360 work? Your programme starts with a health test including measurments taken of your unique body and questions about your health history, genetic lineage, environment and lifestyle. Over 10,000 data points are captured during this process, and this data is then used to calculate your current state of health and corresponding health advice. Ever wondered why you don't get the results your neighbour when you do the same training programme, or why you put on weight with the same diet as another loses it on. The answers are in this platform. Your body changes from day to day. You lose weight or gain it, your hair or nails become brittle, you get pimples, they go away, you get flaky, you get oily – you are constantly changing. So why would your health plan stay the same? As you update your data in ph360 – like the condition of your hair, skin, where you live, your work, your travel, and the shape and measurements of your body – ph360 recalculates your recommendations. Always have access to the most current lifestyle and diet for your body! For more information please contact us at or email
  • How much protein do you need and why?

    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on January 23 2018

    How much protein do you need and why?
    Are you getting enough protein?Athletes whether they be endurance athletes or strength ...
  • What are Polyphenols and why you need them?

    Lisa Tamati

    Posted on August 15 2017

    What are Polyphenols and why you need them?
    Polyphenols are a type of anti-oxidant found in plants especially the red, purple and b...