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The makings of a champion - part one

Lisa Tamati

Posted on September 01 2017

The makings of a champion - part one
What are the makings of a true champion?

With modern athletes seeming to break every conceivable track, field and other sporting record as of late, it seems that the bar is constantly being raised with regard to what we as humans can achieve. As a professional athlete and coach, it makes me incredibly proud to see so many of my clients wanting to get in there and give it their very best to push past perceived limitations. With this in mind, this blog will discuss how you can overcome certain common psychological barriers that may be preventing you from achieving your very best. Let’s take a look.

Make hard work a part of your life’s philosophy

Love or loathe him, the world’s best pound for pound boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr, is the ultimate example of an athlete who understands the meaning of working hard to achieve your goals. His now world famous mantra of “Hard Work and Dedication!” is a testament to what anyone can achieve if they are prepared to give what it takes to make their dreams a reality and his unblemished record is proof of the results this philosophy can produce. 

Committing long hours and sacrificing those guilty pleasures in exchange for arduous and brutal training sessions, will undoubtedly pay dividends in the end. Natural ability may give you that edge over a competitor, but if not honed, nurtured and polished through hard work, you’ll have no chance of crossing that finish line first. You have to be willing to go beyond what others are prepared to do and put in the long hours of hard training to materialise your goal. 

Make everyday a learning day

As humans, we’re all programmed to learn from the day we’re born until we reach our twilight years. While arguably no one remembers their first baby steps, we all had to learn how to put one foot in front of the other and make it across the living room into mum or dad’s proud arms. Now, imagine you gave up on conquering those first few steps as a toddler; can you imagine how you would have faced every other subsequent challenge that came your way?

Learning is a part of life. Those who embrace the often frustrating and time-consuming effort it takes to learn new habits, routines or training methods are those who position themselves for long term success. So don’t become complacent when it comes to your growth and development as an athlete, professional or an individual. Always assume that there’s more to something you’ve already mastered and look for ways to improve upon past achievements. This is what separates the champions from the runners-up.


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