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Running Hot & Running to Extremes - Bundle


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Get both of Lisa's International Best Selling books "Running Hot" and "Running to Extremes for a discounted price.

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One woman's incredible story of ultra-running endurance, heartbreak, and resilience as she attempts to complete Badwater—the world's toughest desert foot race
The Badwater Ultramarathon through California's Death Valley is one of the world's toughest races. Lisa Tamati was the first New Zealand woman to compete in the race alongside such legends of the sport as Dean Karnazes and David Goggins. But Lisa's story is so much more than that one race. At the age of 19 she suffered a crippling back injury and was told she should give up running. She took that as a challenge and, with her Austrian boyfriend, went on to run, walk, bike, and paddle her way across thousands of miles of Europe, Scandinavia, and Africa before taking on the ultimate challenge—an unassisted crossing of the Libyan Desert. What happened in that desert would change the course of Lisa's life and instill in her a love of desert running. This is a story of a life lived to the max—a story of challenges, setbacks, heartbreaks, and triumph.
Lisa Tamati takes on some of the world's most extreme ultraraces in an inspiring look at the reality of a long-distance runner
Lisa Tamati gets asked one question more than any other: why do you do it? Here she attempts to answer that question and many more about ultra-marathon running. In the past few years, Lisa has taken part in some of the most gruelling races on earth. Not content with having run the Badwater Ultra-marathon once, she's been back and done it a second time. She's also completed the Gobi March and a race in the Egyptian Sahara. However, none of these could have prepared her for her greatest challenge to date—La Ultra, a 138-mile, nonstop race over the two Himalayan mountain passes. This book tells the stories behind these races and provides plenty of advice for runners of all levels and distances. Filled with training tips, gear lists, information on nutrition and supplements, advice on mental preparation and, most importantly, a focus on how to keep healthy while training and racing, it will inspire and motivate runners and non-runners alike.


Stephanie Mortellaro 
"I absolutely devoured both Running Hot and Running to Extremes whilst on holiday. I couldn’t get enough. Lisa writes honestly and from the heart, motivating me to get out there and follow my running dreams. I definitely recommend it, especially for running enthusiasts in search for an inspiring read. "
Wild Brian
"Good read. Excellent adventures by this remarkable women. Well worth a read. Nice tips throughout the book too!"
Alan Howe
"Running is easy. Just one foot in front of the other. The hard part is not giving up and doing what your mind wants: lying down and curling up into a ball and crying away the pain. "

Chris Pavey - Author Running Against Time

"Having read Lisa Tamati's first novel, Running Hot, I couldn't wait to immerse myself into her follow up novel Running to Extremes. Although, it was with a little trepidation.

You see, I rank Tamati's Running Hot as one of my all time favourite running novels, alongside and equal to Christopher McDougal's Born to Run, and Dean Karnazes' Ultramarathon Man. And like Dean's follow up novels to his original Best Seller I kind of expected Tamati's follow up to be great, but to fall a little short of equalling her original masterpiece. In some ways it did. In other ways it exceeded my expectations.

Like any follow up to a memoir or autobiography Tamati's Running to Extremes lacks those initial formative chapters that applied such richness to her first novel. We know her, we know her history. So where does she begin? Well, she begins with running of course. Running through New Zealand for that matter, bottom to top, and fundraising. And that is the true strength of this novel; Tamati's race accounts.

I instantly connected with Lisa's story, and after the first couple of chapters, which admittedly read a little awkwardly, just as her run through New Zealand did, her book ramped up a notch or two. I was riveted, hooked, and just as happened with Running Hot, I couldn't put this book down.

The piece de-resistance of this novel is Lisa's account of running La Ultra de High. It had me on the edge of my seat, and at the end, crying out for more. Her race accounts really do convey the struggle, the challenge, and the comraderie. By the end of her novel I felt as though I'd run the Northburn 100, the Gobi desert, and the Sahara. Tamati certainly takes you along for the ride. My only complaint is I wanted more!

What Tamati does give more of is tips and advice for ultra running, something I've found actually quite hard to come by. Perhaps because Ultra runners are too busy running to write it all down? And perhaps too, because of what becomes increasingly obvious, every ultra runner is different and takes on the challenge differently.
While I did find the advice in Running to Extremes interesting to read, I actually felt the book might have been improved without it and instead with more detail on Lisa's own struggles to overcome her injuries to take on La Ultra de High (she did include a lot about acclimatising for the race - which I lapped up). I'd have loved to have seen more about the training and all the hard work that surely must go in to getting to the top of her sport. But in this, Tamati stands together with all the other ultra runner authors out there. Is it really that easy? Does it really come so naturally to these super-human beings that there's no point writing it down? I think not! But perhaps the hard slog of reality doesn't prove such good reading.

Whatever may be the case, Running to Extremes does prove great reading, and as with Running Hot I thoroughly recommend it to any other runners out there. A must for the weekend warrior's bookshelf.



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Rachel Takacs

I just started Running Hot. I’ve known your story for some time but this book really speaks to your strength. I’m flabbergasted by the things you went through and find you truly inspiring.