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Epigenetics and Health Coach Lisa Tamati

Lisa Tamati Enterprises

Health, Mindset or Executive Coaching Consultation with Lisa - Zoom, Phone or in Person


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Session Pack

If you would like to have a consultation with Lisa to tackle some specific health, fitness, sporting or mindset challenges you are facing then book now

Lisa offers training and solution focused coaching sessions to help you find the right answers to your challenges.

Topics Lisa can help with: 

Lisa is a Genetics Practitioner, Health Optimisation Coach, High Performance and Mindset Coach.

She is a qualified Ph360 epigenetics coach and has done years of research into brain rehabilitation, neurodegenerative diseases and biohacking and is the host of one of the world's top 200 Health and Fitness Podcast "Pushing the Limits" that has been going for over 5 years. 

She has extensive knowledge on such therapies as hyperbaric oxygen, ozone, intravenous vitamin C, sports performance, functional genomics and much more.

She can help you navigate the confusing world of health and medicine and can advocate for you. She can also advise on the latest research and where to get help if mainstream medicine hasn't got the answers you are searching for whether you are facing challenges from cancer to gut issues, from depression and anxiety to thyroid and hormonal problems, from head injuries to burn out.

She is also a Mental Toughness Coach and can help with stress management, developing emotional resilience, goal setting, overcoming fears, building healthy rituals, leadership development and peak performance.

Lisa has had an extremely full and varied life packed with adventures and experiences.

If you want to write a book, want to know what it's like to become documentary maker, a jeweller, run events, become an ultra endurance athlete, lead expeditions,  run health programs, start a clinic or build a brand, start a podcast or a TV show or want to be a sought after speaker then tap into Lisa's extensive experience and skill set (and yes she has done all of that).

Work with Lisa and tap into her secrets and lessons learned on the journey. 

You can book a one hour or block of consultations to be held in person, via zoom or on the phone as you need.

Just purchase the time block here and one of Lisa's team will be in touch to make a time.

The consultations also include a report on the consultation and two follow up emails to make sure you the most out of your time with Lisa.

Lisa only works with a few clients at a time so she can dedicate her mind and resources to them so there may be a waiting list depending on her current load.

Ongoing support packages can also be arranged.


Lisa also offers corporate coaching packages and you or your business may be eligible for support under the COVID-19 Business Advisory Fund.

Many organisations and business are keen to invest in their employees development and coaching is a great way of doing this.

Email Lisa at so she can help you further. 



From James Nicholas

"Within one hour of our first meeting, Lisa gave us more practical advice and a clearer path towards improving mum’s health than public health 'experts’ had given us in over 13 years. 

The difference is, Lisa actually cares, she's bold and unafraid of searching where others won't, and she’s fully invested into finding the best result, in the safest and most effective way possible. And she’s developed some great approaches! Even after 13 years and developing advanced stage dementia, my mother has shown noticeable signs of improvement under Lisa's watch in 2020. And this is for something that conventional ‘experts’ insist has no cure!  

 Lisa is that person who people turn to once they’ve exhausted all other 'recommended' conventional measures that haven’t worked.

 The question is, why wait until then? Every day I wish I'd woken up sooner and taken the path that people like Lisa offer, hopefully your inner wisdom can guide you to the best choice in the long run.

May courage and compassion be with you."

- James Nicholas
From Peter Tainui

Lisa is an absolute force of nature. Her incredible ultrarunning achievements were the most visible demonstrations of her mental fortitude and willingness to live the heck out of life but she brings the same approach and planning from her running to all her projects and it's all powered by her iron will, resolve and willingness to step outside her comfort zone.

Lisa is a brilliant communicator and storyteller. If you are looking for advice around health and fitness, reach out to Lisa, she is world-class and applies cutting edge research and information to her thinking. 

Her incredible story helping to heal her Mum after a brain aneurysm is testament to her approach to life. That story alone should be compulsory listening for everyone.

- Peter Tainui



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