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Trehalose - 450gm - by Swansons


Trehalose - 450gm - by Swansons


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Product Description
  • 100% pure trehalose, a multi-functional sugar
  • Quick-energy disaccharide naturally occurring in fungi and plants
  • May be used in cooking & baking to replace sugar

What if we could sweeten foods and beverages without sucrose (table sugar) and without chemical sugar substitutes (like aspartame or sucralose)

What if there was a sugar that not only sweetens but enhances flavor?

And what if that sugar was actually good for you? Introducing trehalose (tree-UH-lowz), a sugar product now available for home use for the first time since its discovery over 175 years ago.

Trehalose is sweet and energising! This multi-functional sugar is a disaccharide consisting of two glucose molecules, and when metabolised, it releases both molecules—twice the glucose other forms of stored sugar release. This translates into quick energy.

Sometimes trehalose is referred to as "mushroom sugar" because it is found in significant amounts in certain mushrooms. But the compound appears also in fungi like yeast, in seeds, in algae and in "resurrection plants"—desert plants that survive long periods of drought yet spring to life when provided moisture.

As a sweetener, trehalose does not interfere with natural flavours and does not produce a rapid rise in blood glucose seen with sucrose and other sugars. The enzyme that digests trehalose is found primarily in the small intestine, which means it is not fully metabolised until 2 or 3 hours after digestion. This slow process may also be the key to sustained energy trehalose appears to offer.

Trehalose Tips: For cooking and baking, replace sugar one for one with trehalose. Because trehalose is only about half as sweet as sugar, you may wish to replace only a portion of the sugar in your recipe with trehalose. For instance, try 1 tablespoon of sugar to one half cup of trehalose.

Experiment until you find what works or tastes best for you. Note: trehalose will not brown like sugar, which can be overcome by leaving some sugar in the recipe and/or by brushing the outer surface of your baked goods with a simple sugar solution.


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Cam Calkoen
Bloody Awesome!!!!

Lisa suggested a range of supplements that I should take, 4 weeks on from starting taking them and energy has been incredible.