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Whanau - family heart necklace - Maori Jewellery Lisa Tamati
Heart Shaped Necklace - Koru Maori Jewellery -Stainless Steel, Lisa Tamati
Maori Whanau Necklace - Love - Jewellery - Stainless steel, Lisa Tamati
"Whanau" Heart Necklace


"Whanau" Heart Necklace


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"Whanau" Heart Necklace

"Whanau" the Maori word for family is what this heart and koru necklace is all about. Love, family, parents and child. 

Part of Lisa's Aotearoa collection this necklace is made from stainless steel partnered with a simple and robust silicon necklace making it a simple yet stunning piece that can be worn on both men and women.

 Packaged in Lisa Tamati Branded packaging making it the perfect gift

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