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The Eve Test Complete™
The Eve Test Complete™
The Eve Test Complete™
The Eve Test Complete™


The Eve Test Complete™


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Comprehensive at home hormone test

 you’re one of the 87%* of women who struggles with their hormones or has symptoms like irregular cycles, PCOS, fertility issues, low moods, fatigue or stubborn weight you’ve come to the right place.

The Eve Test Complete is the most comprehensive hormone test around, measuring levels of 18 different sex hormone markers - including oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone.

Collect your sample at home, and get an easy-to-understand report detailing your current hormonal levels, and personalised Nutritionist recommendations for your diet, movement, lifestyle and supplements to support better balance.

 1. Collect your sample in the comfort of your home.

2. Free post to our lab for testing and analysis.

3. Receive results.

View a sample test: 

What are the benefits of doing an Eve Test?

Sex hormones play a large role in how we feel on a daily basis, both physically and emotionally. Hormones are the messengers in our bodies that tell our cells what to do. They influence a huge variety of bodily functions; from our weight to our energy, mood and menstruation or menopause for women.

The Eve Hormone Balance Test looks at your normal wellness levels, to help you understand your body with more ease and clarity. We display your test results in an easy to understand format, educating you on the role the various hormones measured play in the process. The test report is designed so that you don’t need to consult a Holistic Health Consultant, Naturopathic Doctor or GP to make sense of your results. It gives you the power to understand your body, and to know how to best look after yourself.

As part of your report we will make diet, lifestyle and nutritional recommendations to provide you with actionable ideas around how to best support your own wellness and help you take the next step in your health journey.

In addition, many people find that receiving information and clarity into how their own bodies are working is a very motivating tool towards establishing new, healthy diet and lifestyle routines.

What markers are measured in the hormone test?

The Eve hormone test measures levels of the primary sex hormones: oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone, as well as their metabolites. In addition to this, the test also measures DHEA levels.

We assess a comprehensive range of hormone markers:

  • Estradiol
  • Estrone
  • Estriol
  • 2-OH-E2
  • 2-Me-E2
  • 2-OH-E1
  • 4-OH-E1
  • 16-OH-E1
  • Testosterone
  • Androsterone
  • A-pregnanediol
  • B-pregnanediol
  • DHEA-S
  • DHT
  • Epi-TST
  • 5a-Androstanediol
  • 5b-Androstanediol
  • What is the at-home test process?

    Below is an outline of the at-home test process. For detailed, step-by-step instructions, see your test kit box. If your test kit did not contain instructions, please contact 0800 367 383.

    The at-home test process involves urinating on filter paper and leaving it to dry before sending it in.

    The following steps will help to ensure the test process is successful:

    1. Check that your test kit contains all components.
    2. Register your test kit by scanning the QR code.
    3. 48 hours before collection, avoid the foods listed in the test kit instructions and limit liquid consumption from 6pm the evening before sample collection. This will avoid dilution of your sample.
    4. Collect your sample upon waking, first thing in the morning before eating or drinking.
    5. Label your sample and prepare your sample for postage back to the lab.


    If I’m on hormonal contraception will that affect my results?

    In short, yes. If you are taking the oral hormonal contraceptive pill, we do not recommend taking this test.

    The forms of oestrogen and progesterone included in a contraceptive pill are synthetic forms of these hormones and will not show up in your test results. Generally, if you take an Eve Test while on a contraceptive pill, your results will show very low oestrogen and progesterone levels. Therefore testing for these hormones has diminished value.

    Whether or not you use a hormonal contraceptive is a personal choice. If you are considering going on, or coming off of, the contraceptive pill this is something you should discuss with your GP, particularly if you are taking a contraceptive pill as a means to help control any health conditions such as PCOS or endometriosis.

    I’m male. How will this test be relevant for me?

    For males, we measure levels of Oestrogen, Testosterone and their metabolites as well as levels of DHEA.

    Over time, men generally experience lower levels of testosterone and DHEA and an increase in oestrogen. This can lead to various outcomes such as weight gain, lower sex drive, fatigue, increased prostate cancer risk and hair loss. This test will provide insight into factors driving these occurrences and will allow males to live a healthy lifestyle.

    When will my results be ready?

    You will receive an email notification when your test results are ready to view. We aim for a five to six week turnaround from the date of your sample being received at the laboratory. If for any reason your results are taking longer than expected to be analysed, we will get in contact.

    When in my cycle should I collect my sample?

    For cycling, premenopausal woman, collect between days 18 and 20 of a 28-day cycle. If you have a cycle that is longer than 28 days, add the number of days you usually go beyond 28 days.

    Subtract, in a similar manner, if your cycles are shorter. For example, collect your sample between days 16-18 for a 26 day cycle.

    What time of day should I collect my sample?

    For the most accurate results, it is best to take the test upon waking, before eating or drinking.

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