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SoloStrength Free Standing Gym
SoloStrength Free Standing Gym
SoloStrength Free Standing Gym
SoloStrength Free Standing Gym
SoloStrength Free Standing Gym


SoloStrength Free Standing Gym


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Ultimate Dip/Row Bar
30cm Height Extension

The SoloStrength Ultimate

Achieve amazing results offering near limitless training options with the best-selling SoloStrength Free Standing Unit.

With over 150+ exercises, and 3-second bar changes, this unit has been delighting both commercial and domestic users for over a decade!

Simple to set up, learn and use, the Free Standing Unit has a host of features:

Product Features:

  • Domestic or Commercial Use
  • Comes with Door and Corner Installation brackets
  • Bulletproof design and anodised polished aluminium finish complete full body training system.

  • 30cm of additional height (optional).

  • ULTIMATE dip bar for rows, pull ups (optional).

  • Fast and convenient home exercise system.

  • Max user weight of 136kg (tested to 454kg under static load)
  • Print instructional material to get you up and running quickly. Includes introductory beginner to advanced exercises.

  • Access to our online training videos and bonus workouts: Cardio Circuit1, and Solo Strength Lean Muscle builder.

  • Professional Trainer access, both online and through direct inquiry. We are here to support you.


The Speed Fit programs build strength, increase flexibility, and because you use your entire body to stabilise through the 3P programs (Push, Pull, Press movements), you will develop core stability and power that is limited only by your own intensity and efforts.

Not feeling like you are pushing yourself hard enough?

That's where our developing programs for Real Time trainers will help you through any barriers you may find.

We want to see you use SoloStrength to the achieve the maximum fitness you desire. Be cautioned, while the movements look deceiving easy, the most common response is that it is far more intense than imagined. This is due to the full body engagement of the movements, and also why it's so effective, with such short workout periods . We always suggest starting off slowly while your body adjusts into SoloStrength fitness.

  • Fast, trouble free exercises and transitions to keep workouts time efficient and higher servicing of more users.

  • Uncomplicated function and maximum user adaptability means any user or trainer can become proficient with use quickly.

  • A training system that you will never outgrow.

  • Trainers can use a simple and non-intimidating approach to client assessment or rehab use.

  • With easy to follow instruction boards this system becomes a self-contained full body training station

  • Any space you want to expand user friendly exercise options.

  • Virtually maintenance free.

åÊCompact, fast, and efficient bodyweight exercises are key components of lean muscle gain and effective fat loss.

Easy to setup and safe to use for all ages, get fit faster in the comfort of your own home today!

Assembling the Free Standing Solo is Easy!

Average assembly time for the Freestanding Ultimate is only 60-90 Minutes.

The main doorway system is built first, with the base is assembled and combined.

The system does not require securing to floor (optional) or counterweights for SpeedFit exercises or most suspension training and resistance band use. If moving your bodyweight off of the base, some counterweight will be required (suggested plate weights on corner of base or weighted sand bags tent pole style work great!).

Detailed assembly instructions are included, assembly tips and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to ensure you get any help you need with assembly quickly and to completion.


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