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Consultation with Lisa - Skype, Phone or in Person


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If you would like to have a consultation with Lisa to tackle some specific mindset challenges you are facing or perhaps you want to take your running to the next level and need some specific and tailored advice, you can book a 45 min consultation in person, via skype or on the phone as you need.

Just purchase the time block here and Lisa will be in touch to make a time.

The consultations also include two follow up emails to make sure you the most out of your time with Lisa.

Lisa is a Mindset Expert, Ultramarathon runner with over 23 years experience tackling the worlds toughest endurance races and leading her own expeditions.

She is also the founder of 5 companies and has extensive experience in business across a number of industries.

She is also the author of two international best selling books and has coached hundreds of athletes, executives and students over the past decade. 

Email Lisa for more information:


"Thank you Lisa for your help and support. My knees are much better now, your tips in nutrition, training and recovering were great and helpt a lot! You brought me to running and now you brought me back to running!! 

Thank you very much"

Marion Felbauer

"Many Thanks to Lisa Tamati for sharing knowledge and experience in running extreme Ultras and changing my life forever. I wouldn’t be at that finish line without your help! It was amazing journey for me from finishing last, just meeting the cut off , Northburn 50km in 2015, meeting you at Northburn, doing Running Hot Coaching Retreat, learning so much about running and surviving in extreme conditions, getting inspired by your courage, determination and mind set. You truly changed my life forever. If I would not met you I would never even think about doing Bryce Canyon 50 miler in 2017, which was beyond brutal. And the progress from just meeting 50 km cut off in 2015 progress to 2nd female 100km Northburn 2018 gave me confidence to look at crazy races like Canadian Death Race. Now going back to Bryce Canyon to challenge myself again and feeling confident about doing the toughest 100 miler in Texas, because you shared your experience and gave me knowledge on how to survive through ‘Mad Max’ style races and fulfil my passion for Canyons and deserts."

Lena Ellis



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