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Prevent poor posture with the BLACKROLL® POSTURE!

The BLACKROLL® POSTURE harness has been designed in Sweden and is a highly-effective accessory that supports and enables better posture. 

The BLACKROLL® POSTURE provides instant correction of posture and upper body alignment to strengthen muscles over time. BLACKROLL® POSTURE is easy to use and can be worn underneath or on top of your clothing. Good posture also increases your oxygen uptake; giving you more energy!

For martial arts practitioners the BLACKROLL® POSTURE is the perfect training tool: simply include it during practice and observe how the execution of your punching technique, combined with a hip rotation is trained. The BLACKROLL® POSTURE helps correct this movement. 

One Size Fits All! The BLACKROLL® POSTURE is easily adjustable by adjusting the Velcro straps to your body. 

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