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Running Floss Compression Band | Red


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Running Floss - Every Athlete should have one in their bag at all times if they are really serious about recovery and reducing muscle soreness. 

The encourages blood flow, increasing the circulation and warm up of the muscles. The bands help relieve pain that can be associated with runners, it accelerates recovery, promotes flexibility and increases the range of motion in tight sore muscles. 

SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCE MUSCLE SORENESS - Running Floss helps break up intramuscular waste to allow for greater mobility and blood supply to an area. By squeezing the muscle in a tight wrap, then forcing it through a full range-of-motion, friction between muscle fibres helps break up scar tissue, lactic acid and other stuff in those tiny places that foam rolling can’t get access to. 

HEALING AND CLEANSING POWER - When you release the band, a rush of blood washes through the muscle; this not only brings nutrients for growth and healing but also clearing out all that waste you just broke up. This is also true for injury recovery and can be used to aid the healing of strained tissue. For swollen areas, you want to promote lymphatic drainage.

STRETCH THOSE HARD TO STRETCH PLACES - To work shoulders, wrists, ankles, elbows and the little pieces within, wrap the Running Floss band tightly around the joint and put it through a full range of motion like push-ups, squatting, lunging, etc. For knees, wrap one band above and one band below the joint, then do some squats. This stretches all the small muscles and ligaments which can greatly improve joint pain and stiffness.

 The Running Floss red band is thicker and measures .060" Thick x 2" Wide x 7' Long. This provides more compression and is better suited in difficult areas like the high hips. This band is also great if you like a firmer compression experience. 

Running Floss is designed to help runners recover from trainings or racers aiding in reducing the chances of injury. But the bands are also suited for Cross Fitters, Gym, Power Lifting, Tennis Players, Rugby Players, Cricket Players and most Athletes. 


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