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Morning Person™


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Can’t function without your morning coffee? Wondering why you’re tired all the time? Meet Morning Person: your fresh alternative to those double shot flat whites.

Formulated to combat off-days and ongoing fatigue alike, Morning Person’s fast-acting B vitamins turn your food into fuel, while Panax Ginseng provides an immediate boost for energy focus. Adaptogenic Rhodiola Rosea works behind the scenes to rebuild better energy levels long term.

Why Try Eve Morning Person?
Coffee is cool, but the jitters and stress hormone flares are not. If you wake up tired, lack motivation or get energy slumps during the day you might want to meet Morning Person.

Fast-acting energy support
Adaptogenic formula
Bye bye brain fog
Non-jittery energy
Reduce stress
Motivational coach in a bottle

The following listed ingredients provide natural support for your energy, stress response, mental clarity and focus, exercise performance and exhaustion.

Rhodiola rosea root extract (Min. 2% Salidroside, Min. 3% Rosavin) 400mg

Panax ginseng root extract (40% Ginsenosides) 200mg

Vitamin B6 as Pyridoxal 5'-phosphate 20mg

Vitamin B2 as Riboflavin 12mg

Vitamin B9 as Calcium Folinate 300mcg

Vitamin B12 as Methylcobalamin 50 mcg

NO - gluten, yeast, soy protein, milk/dairy, corn, sodium, sugar, starch, artificial colouring, preservatives or flavouring.

For fatigue that won’t budge: take 2 capsules daily in the morning with food to get the maximum amount of goodness from the nutrients.

For off days and busy weeks: take as needed, 2 capsules daily in the morning with food.

Suitable for those aged 12+ who are seeking support for energy, concentration or performance. Avoid if pregnant or breast



Can I use Morning Person if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

We’re afraid not. Panax Ginseng is to be avoided when pregnant. If you are using while trying to conceive just stop taking it when you think you may be (or find out that you are) pregnant.

Do I have to take Morning Person with food?
Some people find they feel better taking Panax Ginseng with food, but it’s up to you. Give it a try with your brekky and without and see how you feel. The efficacy is the same with or without food.

How long does it take to work?

Thanks to the Panax Ginseng and B Vitamins you should feel a pretty instant increase in your focus and energy! And after 2-4 weeks you should notice any longer term fatigue starting to ease as the Rhodiola Rosea works it’s magic on your stress, adrenal health and resilience.

How long should I take Morning Person for?

You can either take Morning Person on an as needed basis for short-term energy boosts when you’re feeling like your battery is low, or you can take it ongoing for 3-6 months to get the full adaptogenic benefits of the Rhodiola Rosea. For the best results, use Morning Person while also making positive diet and lifestyle changes to support your energy and stress.

Can I take Morning Person alongside your other products?

Yes! Morning Person has been designed to work nicely alongside all of our other products. In fact, you can get a deal on Morning Person with Chill Pills in our Better Together: Energy pack for ultimate energy support.

It’s also really nice paired with Period Pal to help with pre-period energy dips and hormonal balance. We often recommend taking a hiatus from coffee if you’re experiencing hormone imbalances, and Morning Person is a lovely caffeine-free support!

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